The Circle Line

We were asked to do a collage of London in creative writing class… I decided to jot down what comes to mind for each stop of the circle line…

Cigarettes down a mews,
Mac donald’s, town hall
Samuel smith, cheap cider
dipping into boho,
too tired for soho,
late night house sittings,
a dog who eats ears,
waiting on a platform
which train will go first?
Selling books but not selling
Break ups
group exhibitions dash orgies
Nearly east
Nearly smoking roll ups
Nearly angry
Nearly Shoreditch
Red houses, industrial clouds
Expensive tickets
Welcome to Leeds
No, no back I go
studio party
squatters graffiti obscenities
while the city sleeps
suits watch tired eyes
feeling wise
feeling superior
a mouse squeals
late night bagels
make meals
blind music
galleries eating art
art eating us
But no need to journalise these photos
Noone buys
The crackhead cries
‘Can I use your toilet?’
Well that depends
Can i use your mind?                                                                                   Pretend its mine
pretend i’m high
I’m out of line
No just circular
sausage rolls
and upper crust
not feeling holy
korma or tandoori
Thames clipper
boat down house
pencil sharpener from Rymans
Station closed
Ghouls named Paul
drool on your burger
Give me a job
Give me money
Give me an oyster
A whales popped out
boarded – a Jagger pout
pick up boys from school
Rimmel eye shadow
and pay as you go
Spin the bottle
or spinning
sweat or sex
rubbery beef awaits
can’t be late
west malling calling
sorry clash
almost knifed
almost de-lifed
a solo bench
monsoon looms
retail looks pale
Curse royal mail
royal court
pedestrians in pearls
no time for book
one more stop